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JC Shotcrete began operation in August 2015 under the umbrella of Jonet Construction (2012) Ltd. Being in the concrete forming business for many years, we would always feel there is room for improvement, our team felt that we could bring a much higher standard to the ever-growing need for shotcrete suppliers, and we found we were right. We believe, that like anything else, higher standards, reliability and solid relationships help everyone in the construction industry succeed.

Our teams focus on being the best option when it comes to any variety of shotcrete projects, has helped bring simplicity to sometimes complicated issues. We are always looking to improve and grow as we ACI certify more Nozzlemen, and are continually working on improving our finished product in a clean, efficient manner, which sets us apart in a very competitive industry.

We look forward to continued growth for years to come by being your partner of choice for any shotcrete need, while being the safest, most efficient and reliable in the business.

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33179 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C1

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(604) 854-5700 - Ext. 25

JC Shotcrete Logo
  • 33179 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C1
  • (604) 854-5700 - Ext. 25
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